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MORTIIS ''The Perfect Reject'' Digipak CD

First time on physical CD format, with new 2023 remix by Revenants.
Limited 4 pannel digipak edition.

1. Closer to The End (Cyras)
2. Perfectly Defect (Ultrastate)
3. Sensation of Guilt (Attacke)
4. Closer to The End (Katscan)
5. Perfectly Defect (X-Hate)
6. The Punished (Instrumental)
7. The Perfect Reject
8. Closer to The End (XSRY)
9. Impossible to Believe (Cigarettes & Clip-Art)
10. Sensation of Guilt (Katscan)
11. Closer to The End (Attacke)
12. The Punished (Revenants - Dark Night Of The Soul Mix)