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Following its sold-out debut issue "A Convocation of Beast and Man" (2022), zine/artbook hybrid URGEWALTEN returns with "Les Chants du Vertige", a 224-page, pro-printed monster, presenting sixteen extensive conversations with the following musicians:

Shape of Despair (FIN) - Justina Jaruševičiūtė (LIT) - Nasheim (SWE) - Den Sorte Død (DEN/SWE) - Murderbait (USA) - Ruptured World (SCO) - Ultha (GER) - Cinder Well (USA) - Iskandr (HOL) - Stille Volk (FRA) - Dauþuz (GER) - Gribberiket (NOR) - Sophia Djebel Rose (FRA) - Menace Ruine (CAN) - Vertige (FRA) - Paysage d'Hiver (SWI)

Exploring the might and mystery of the heights as its visual theme, "Les Chants du Vertige" invites mountain photographers Underjordiske from Austria and Azaleos from France to share their captivating work in between interviews.

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