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COBRA CANE "Bad Bad Good" LP

Cobra Cane: sex, drugs and angry dogs.
No, they can’t tell what it is, they never heard it before.
Someone said they saw it running away when the sirens coming, someone said that it comes out from the cracks of the concrete at night and slips into the darkest dungeons with the outcasts, but you… you know you can see it when you look at yourself drunk in the mirror and reality melts away through your dilated pupils.
It rises from the gaps of authority and technological domain, and that is why the powerful won't stop it
Don’t be afraid, embrace the rage living inside you!
Cobra Cane, the Worst is coming.

This menacing project consists of Oliver Kohlenberg (Coal) on vocals, Landi on synthesizers and Luciano Lamanna on bass. The result is a crushing blend of techno, hardcore, metal and beyond.

Available on classic black and neon green vinyl.