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Wyrdlander "I" MC [Troll Beard edition]

Born in 1970, David Thiérrée works since 1989 as a Dark Fantasy illustrator, mostly for extreme musics.

"WYRDLANDER is an attempt to create sound collages and audible landscapes linked to my artworks.
I tried to imagine how my illustrations would sound, and express what's inside my head while
I'm working on them.Creatures, deep forests, underworld realms, and a bit of magic and unsafe travel.
I hope that, while listening to these sounds, you'll be able to create your own worlds and images." - David Thiérrée.

Troll Beard Green cassette edition, personally tended to by the hands of David Thiérrée.
Professionally duplicated and printed, 5 pannel double sided J-Card.
Comes housed in textile bag with wax seal, includes patch and postcards.
Strictly limited edition of 20 signed and handnumbered copies.

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