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SINDRE FOSS SKANCKE "Remnants of a Broken Dawn" Books I & II Bundle pack

This 2 book bundle pack includes SINDRE FOSS SKANCKE’s "Remnants of a Broken Dawn" books I & II on softcover edition.

This series of books can be labeled as a work of esoteric science fiction with an abstract narrative, serving as independent artbooks but also as an initiation rite into the peculiar universe that unfolds from within this series.

The books themselves can be seen as experimental and futuristic grimoires, and as a rite of passage into a new world, drawing heavily from minimalistic architecture and sigilization, hard science fiction movies and graphic novels without excluding cyberpunk themes, with the likes of Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Alan Moore, Jodorowsky and Enki Bilal. Refraining from the use of text, this series offer multiple thematic layers and various interpretations . With a storyline that begins with a clear narrative and swiftly leads the reader into abstraction, “Remnants of a Broken Dawn” can be seen as a successful ritual in removing reality, or creating another before warping into another, and another…