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ARNAUD REBOTINI "Pagan Dance Move" 12" LP

ARNAUD REBOTINI's "Pagan Dance Move" is now finally available for the first time on vinyl.

Pagan Dance Move is a collection of punchy and aggressive techno songs, sometimes melancolic and at times gothic, this 12" record regroups for the first time on vinyl the tracks originally released in 2012 as a digital EP by Zone Music and features a brand new Black Metal cover of its eponymous song.

ARNAUD REBOTINI is a multifaceted french songwriter and producer, with a career spanning over 25 years that has seen him venture and explore a wide range of sonic territories. From his death metal days with SWAMP, to his most original mixing of pop, electronics, jazz with contemporary music elements under the ZEND AVESTA banner, and his later work in well established electro acoustic blues rock band BLACKSTROBE, he has also been involved in many collaborations with artists such as Christian Zanesi and produced remixes for the likes of Rammstein, Morbid Angel & Depeche Mode to name a few. ARNAUD REBOTINI is also a soundtrack composer, who's works have led him to receive in 2018 a Cesar award and Prix Lumière for best original soundtrack for the film 120bpm.

As a solo artist ARNAUD REBOTINI operates with vintage analog synthesizers and equipment, yet putting them to use in a unique and modern fashion, thus creating a very personal spectrum of techno and electronic soundscapes with his now most recognizable imprint.

Deluxe edition 12" vinyl featuring revamped artwork in cooperation with le 188, printed on silver board sleeve and including an A2 multi sided poster insert.


-Their Synthetic Majesties Request
-Alan Wilder War Whoop
-Pagan Dance Move
-Pagan Dance Move (Slaughtered by Laurent Clement)

All orders come with a giant "True French Analog Techno" sticker.