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GRIBBERIKET's second and new album entitled "Sluket", featuring the art of Sindre Foss Skancke.

"Sluket" is the follow up to GRIBBERIKET’s critically acclaimed first effort "Knefall", firstly released by the recordsofthefleshgod on a quickly sold out cassette, and later reissued on CD and LP by Dead Seed Productions.

This latest opus sees the Norwegian gang take their art a step further into hostile grounds while deepening their so particular blend of Blackened Doom Metal. While "Sluket" may appear a challenging listen to many, leaving them exposed to a wall of utter ugliness, it is an album that will prove itself of rewarding beauty to the most persistent of listeners.
"Sluket" is a statement that there are still bands contributing to renew the Doom Metal scene, a genre too often overcrowded with bands abiding by established rules and guidelines.

The tracklist :
1. Sluket
2. Gjestebud
3. See, Der Blev En Død Udbaaren
4. Med Sine Lidelser
5. Nytelsen Og Oppløsningen

Specially mastered sound for vinyl, available on red or fiery orange vinyl, comes with reverse board sleeve & printed innersleeve. First 100 copies come with an A3 poster. All purchases come with a digital download of the album.