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MORBO "Addiction to Musickal Dissection" LP

'Addiction to Musickal Dissection' is the long awaited debut full-length from Italy's deathmongers Morbo. After dwelling in the underground for half a decade, the time has come to unleash their nasty, blood-drenched, atrocious death metal upon the underground, the kind of odorous grime that you'd get from mixing real life's horrors, the dark side of the human mind and the nastiest elements of bands such as Autopsy, Necrophagia, Possessed, Master, early Death, Rigor Mortis, Nihilist / Entombed, Repulsion,
Sadistic Intent and Massacre. Displaying a brutal and massive production and featuring a terrific cover art by Adam Geyer, 'Addiction to Musickal Dissection' is one of 2014's highlights in Death rotting Metal!"