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ANIMUS MORTIS "Atrabilis - Residues From Verb & Flesh" CD

On their debut full-length proper, Chilean horde Animus Mortis present eight ethereal exhibits of shrill, desolate Black Metal laden with an eerie, dark ambience. The bitter misanthropy is laced with a wicked sense of melody but raw darkness prevails throughout, creating an incredible primordial effect. Hazy and uninhibited, “Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)” is an uncanny, unsettling release that works on the most, primitive, base levels. Murky menace is omnipresent. An intense aura of bleakness drips from every trembling note, intensified by relentless shrieks and cavernous blackness. Born of the dense mountain ranges that flank the Santiago Basin, this is creepy, crespular, organic and unique Black Metal that recognises no peers. Animus mortis is the misty, freezing antidote to a stagnant, generic scene. Listen in awe as translucent frost chills your very being, removing all warmth from life, leaving nothing inhabiting the shadows but utter despair... With slipcase & black polycarbonate CD.