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SMRT ''Barcelona at 9''

SMRT is Barcelona-based progressive Black metal. Barcelona at 9, their second album is a psycho magical odd time travel to the healing and liberation of inherited negative subconscious and behavior patterns.
The album is a product of family patterns repetition and new creative ideas from the future. Don Ellis’ odd timings and Jodorowsky’s psycho-magical influenced Black metal. They call their style Free metal.
It is very dark in Barcelona. Between Raval and Ciutidela park lies a small city of disgust. Drug dealers offer all kinds of poisons. Prostitutes offer their tired bodies. Trickers came from all around to practice the language from the dreams. Behind the tears of concrete and the heat, superstitious and sick except miracles, break the cycles of habits, transform with intuition and liberate from rational. The depressive and lost are doomed to repeat the sins of their ancestors. Cursed to live
with the illnesses of their genealogical family trees of their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and experience the influences from 4 generations back.

Artist’s meditation is black. He has to commit another suicide. Artistic suicide of an artist who persistently follows his vision of primitive creativity. Primitive that is original, avant-garde, progressive and futuristic. But also cynical, hostile, and apocalyptic. Immune and neutral to politics. He found himself facing the artist’s dilemma long ago. All the secrets are fully revealed to him. He is using his creativity to heal himself. Artist is beyond black and white conflict of good and evil.
Nothing is wrong. It is only different. He has a goal to reach without expectations of positive criticism or acceptance, without being afraid to be offensive and vulgar. With changing the formation of time, he is now obsessed with change, his death. Creative death. Suicide as the last act
of art, the triumph of opposites.


Doblekar – vocals, guitars, arrangements
Hrodiriks – Guitars
Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen – Guitars
Carlos Leonardo – Bass
Marcelo Aires – Drums

Recorded in different studios in winter 2021.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Tena