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DEP AFFECT "Solemn Spires" LP

12" Furnace Red vinyl, sleeved in stylish selective varnish cover.
This is a preorder scheduled to ship on or around first week of March.

Dep Affect has been making electronic music since he was 12, living in regional Western Australia. Now years later, he has numerous vinyl and digital releases on labels like Industrial Strength Records, RIOT Radio Records, Tripalium Corp, Dark Descent, Green Fetish Records, The Third Movement, Industrial Propaganda, Haunted and Kallkällan Recordings.
While earlier releases focussed on the industrial hardcore sound, a techno undercurrent increased with each release which led him to teaming up with 14anger for the "Transcendence On Demand" vinyl EP on Tripalium Corp, with a number of releases since.
With an aesthetic somewhere between rave and doom, Dep Affect is a strange mix of heavy grooves, brain twisting sounds and a cheerful - if slightly apocalyptic - vibe.

A journey through bleak and sulphurous landscapes, deep space nightmares and inner turmoil;
Solemn Spires is an anxious and drama-filled take on doom techno.

All music written & performed by Travis Evans.
Except "Sight Past The Threshold" by Travis Evans & Laurent Clément.
Mastered by Charles Accarisi.
Artwork and layout by Laurent Clément.