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V/A " Devastators Of The Suns (A Tribute To Katharsis)" Digipak CD

Compilation of eleven tracks covering the works of the German Black Metal masters Katharsis.


Acedia Mundi - 666 (Hohelied Der Wiedererweckung)
Veter Daemonaz - Lunar Castles (Harvest)
Velo Misere - Thy Horror
Délirant - Shine Beyonde
BFC - Kross Fyre
THE ORDER OF APOLLYON - Eucharistick Funereall
Nexul - Raped By Demons / Luziferion
The Reptilian Session - A.R.I.I.O.T.H.
Shrine of Insanabilis - Painlike Paradise
LVTHN - VVytchdance
Balmog - The Ris(inn)ing Koronation