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LUCIFER ANALOG "Buco Nell'Acqua" Cassette

LUCIFER ANALOG is Luciano Lamanna: born in 1977 and resident in Rome, he's one of the most honorable names in the Italian electronic scene; since the 90s Luciano is a legend of techno-rave music (Tekno Mobil Squad), but also a composer and producer who has worked with important artists in hip-hop music (Truceklan), independent rock (Zu, Ephel Duath...) and dark/metal (Aborym, Karyn Crisis, Der Blutharsch...). Luciano Lamanna, in his now long career, has experimented with every musical genre... and today even with dungeon-synth.

This release regroups both previous digital EP titles, released respectively under “Buco Nell’ Acqua” and “The Arch Of The Defeated”. In this final cassette rendition of this work Luciano Lamanna explores the Dungeon Synth realm and revisits it while incorporating futuristic and dystopian soundscapes.

Pro duplicated cassette with pro printed J-card and download code.
Strictly limited edition of 50 copies.