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TOVANSKÏ & Martin Massiv "Ildvinter" CD Digipak

ILDVINTER is a maximalistic approach to dusty, dirty and outright filthy hip-hop. Shattered sounds and punchy melancholia paint pictures of glaciers, slowly rolling over frozen cities, spearheaded by two lucid, eternally burning rap vocalists.

ILDVINTER offers uncompromising contemporary rap music going in the opposite direction of current trends seen across modern international (and Scandinavian) hip-hop.

ILDVINTER, an oxymoron translating as "firewinter", is the second installation in a series of four records, one for each season of the year, where rappers TOVANSKÏ and Martin Massiv collaborates with a different producer for each record. Production on ILDVINTER is by Kyber. Vårsøg, the spring-themed EP, received coverage in leading industry magazine Ballade.

4 pannel CD Digipak including 12 page booklet

1. Frosset i Dalen
2. Enda en Helvetesport (Dessverre)
3. Dommedag, Vær så God feat. Skrichael
4. Pan
5. Fuck Jobber feat. Hajoken & Emilismen
6. Blindegang
7. Våpen
8. 2017
9. Vi Gleder oss til Påske
10. Hundre Tusen
11. Ildvinter