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ABORYM "Something For Nobody Vol.2" LP

Something for Nobody Vol.2., limited edition LP. Out soon on Dead Seed Productions.

Featuring Faith Federica Sciamanna on Precarious “Tore apart” remix, Going new places “Digression 1” (remixed by Aborym), Il Re del Bosco (tribute to Guido Elmi) alternative version by Aborym and Unpleasantness “Unconsciousness remix” (by Giuseppe Nicotera Pepito Encantado).

SIDE A faturing "Something for Nobody pt.2 (Postmidnight)" original motion picture, originally written for “The 7th Night of Thelema: A Virtual Ritual”, produced by chinese Wide/Polyhedron VR Studio and directed by Gianluigi Perrone. It is shot, as a long sequence, in Dogma VR, a Manifesto of rules (by the director) serving as method to shoot immersive exps able to give the impression to the viewer to actually living in a different situation, not anymore artificial. A restyled version of the soundtrack scored by Aborym's Fabrizio Giannese and Stefano Angiulli has been used for “Biollante”, directed by Gianluigi Perrone, an erotic horror drama born and developed as a tribute to the japanese cinema of the '70. An extended version of Something for Nobody pt.2 (Postmidnight) has been re-worked and re-mastered for the french tribal bellydance teacher and performer Inko Di Ö, also leader of the Lunatic Moires, director, choreographer and designer. This version has been customized for “The Feathered Night”, a shadowy tribal bellydance show created by Inko inspired by modern hysteria and urban decadence.
Mixed & mastered by Andrea Corvo @ Synthesis Recording Studio.

Something For Nobody pt.2 (Postmidnight)
Precarious "Tore apart" remix
Going new places "Disgression 1"
Il Re del Bosco (tribute to Guido Elmi)
Unpleasantess "Unconsciousness remix"

Die-cut sleeve with printed innersleeve and 12" 4-page booklet, pressed on "glitched" splatter vinyl