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SINDRE FOSS SKANCKE "Violent Abstractions" Book

SINDRE FOSS SKANCKE is a norwegian artist and musician. Working with painting, drawing and installation but also active in different fields of music such as noise, metal and related genres either as a musician with his projects UTARM and STABWOUND EMPIRE, THE FALL OF ROME and GRIBBERIKET or as an illustrator for bands such as DODSENGEL, SINMARA and DISKORD

As a visual artist SKANCKE utilizes a wide range of techniques from black and white drawings to large scale paintings and video installations. Recurring subjects of his works are the understanding of the darker and more sinister movements of the human nature. These subject matters may be apprehended in a direct and figurative narrative or take a more theoretical and physical abstract shape.
Recent works of SKANCKE have a more abstract approach and tend to take a more minimalistic way of presentation. In recent years the inspiration of his works has also been leaning further towards science fiction, geometrical sculptures and architect sketches.

"Violent Abstractions" is the first publication under THE HYDRA'S DEN, a division of DEAD SEED PRODUCTIONS published under the NEON BLACK PUBLISHINGS banner.
It is a collection of black and white pen works created during Spring 2017.

"Violent Abstractions" is presented in a 68 page book printed on 170g/m paper, available in softcover and limited hardcover edition with a collectable silkscreened and handnumbered print on thick black card.