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MARC URSELLI - CRÆSHER "TToise" (self-incestuous noise inception) CD Box

CRÆSHER is a project by Marc Urselli (New York based 5 time nominated, 3 time Grammy award winning engineer/producer)
"[π]oise (self-incestuous noise inception)" is an experimental noise concept album - in fact it is the ultimate experiment of noise because it consists of noise that was generated by noise, without human intervention except for the creation of the algorhithms and signal processing which perform the noise generation
The creation and concept of the CD is equally rooted in mathematics, greek mythology and sonic experimentation
The CD comes in an exclusive and super limited edition bamboo wood enclosure with laser-engraved lettering and laser-cut CD holder (this environmentally-friendly case consists of all wooden parts that fit together like a puzzle and hold the CD in place - the booklet is printed with vegetable oils on recycled paper - no plastic was used in the making of this packaging).
The CD contains 10 tracks which morph and crossfade into one another to create a continuously-playing flow of noise patterns which defy the laws of math with 10 tracks that are between 3'44" and 4'14" long but all show a duration of 3'14" per piece and create a 38'48" long album.