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HJARNIDAUDI "10 Years" Ltd edition 2 x LP BOX

HJARNIDAUDI is the instrumental brainchild of Vidar "Voidar" Ermesjø (KOLDBRANN, KRAANIUM), the project emerged shortly after previous astral drone project HLIDOLF was put to a halt. HJARNIDAUDI has since been crafting a unique blend of doom and drone atmospheres for over a decade now, portraying massive and pounding soundscapes of dirgey, crushing and alienating guitar waves in a unique and incomparable way.

HJARNIDAUDI is as epic as it is apocalyptic, it is an unearthly trip that shatters the sonic barriers of time and dimension.

Though HJARNIDAUDI has always maintained a discreet status, it has nonetheless become an underground cult throughout the years, building a solid following and witnessing the likes of Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) covering a number of its works.

We are pleased to finally release the first ever vinyl editions of Pain:Noise:March and Psykostarevoid in their original instrumental form.

This box set includes:

-"Pain:Noise:March" LP (available as Classic Black or Neon Red vinyl)
-"Psykostarevoid" LP (available as Classic Black or Neon Purple vinyl)
- A1 Poster
- 12" silver printed card
- instant digital download