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DALKHU "Descend... Into Nothingness" MC

"Album chosen as 'Albums of the month - August 2015'. Overall this is thick/chunky death metal and not completely what you might think (by listening to the beginning of the initial track). There’s almost, dare I say (for lack of a better term) a “groovy” element added in (here and there). Normally when you hear this vocal style you’d expect 100% complete brutality, maybe even primitiveness. But this just works."
-|| No Clean Singing ||-

"Dalkhu’s Descend… Into Nothingness is a wall of energy rising up from the metal abyss of Slovenia. The album’s seven killer tracks provide some of the best modern day blackened death metal. Well written, and never boring, the Slovenian terrors worked hard to create a refreshing death metal masterpiece."
-|| New Noise Magazine ||-

"Dalkhu grasp the concept of brutality and melody together perfectly. ‘Descend Into Nothingness’ is one of the most violent pieces I’ve heard this year, but its instantly memorable and the musicianship is top notch. The riff patterns that spiral throughout ‘Soulkeepers’ are inspired. Closing with the crushing behemoth ‘E.N.N.F.’ , Dalkhu have crafted one of 2015’s finest slabs of metal. Fuck yes!"
-|| The Killchain ||-

"The intensity of this record is palpable. From the brutal death growls to the ominous blackened death riffs, this is metal heavy enough for the underground, but easy to swallow for the more mainstream Behemoth crowd. These are some truly guttural grunts, but not ever a caricature. No joviality will be found within these 7 performances. They have presence and can be taken seriously. Only the strong will survive. If you were craving something equal parts brutal and contemplative, look no further. Descend...Into Nothingness is 45 minutes of pure blackened death just the way we like it."
-|| Metal Trenches ||-

"This album was made for those of you out there who like blackened death as raw as it comes because that’s exactly what Dalkhu has done and it is a magnificent piece to say in the least. After listening to “Descend… Into Nothingness” I can guarantee that the only thing you’ll be descending into is madness because you’ll want to press that replay button as fast as you can when this album drops August 15th."
-|| Head-Banger Reviews ||-

"Dalkhu‘s new approach rarely goes into super-sonic speed, but instead utilizes black metal tremolos in a melodic fashion (akin to Dissection) and a crushing deliberateness to maximize the effect (see “The Fireborn” for a good example of some purposeful, deathy, Immortal-esque crunch). Slap on P.Ž.’s new vocal style and a drummer that understands the message Dalkhu is trying to convey, and you have a band with a new heartbeat, frothing at the mouth."
-|| Angry Metal Guy ||-

"Dissonance, meet melody. Brutality, meet emotion. W., meet your new obsession. Slovenia’s Dalkhu have released a beautiful collage of some of the best elements of metal, and you simply have to hear it. The song construction is erudite without ever overpowering."
-|| Toilet Ov Hell ||-