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BANANE METALIK "Sex, Blood And Gore' N' Roll" Digipak CD

BANANE METALIK has baptised its music Gore’ n’ Roll and describes it as a mix of cinematographic and musical culture. Through its extensive worldwide touring, the band became renowned for their unique universe and the energy unleashed during their live shows. With their discography, the band has gradually gained in popularity, and has now positioned itself as a pioneering force in the European Rock n’roll scene.

"Sex, Blood & Gore' N' Roll" is BANANE METALIK's second full length as well as the album that celebrated the band's comeback in 2005. This number saw the band grow meaner, angrier and more determined than ever to set matters straight for the g(l)ory of Rock N' Roll!

This reissue comes as a classy digipak, including a 16 page booklet with revamped artwork!