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ABORYM "Live In Groningen"

The 31st of October will see the release of "Live in Groningen", the first official live album from ABORYM.

The seven-track album includes a rare recording captured on May the 21st 2004 in Groningen (The Netherlands) during the band's european tour, and 2 unreleased industrial songs. Featuring the "With No Human Intervention" album's line-up.

The "Live in Groningen" has been remastered by Fabban and Emiliano Natali at Fear No One studios, the same studio in which the band recorded "Psychogrotesque" (Season of Mist records) and the new double album "Dirty" (Agonia Records).

Deluxe digipak CD, with A4 full-colored poster is available for pre-orders now!

Listen to Digital Goat Masque .

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Posted on October 8th, 2013

MHÖNOS "Humiliati" Double Gatefold LP is now released.

This monumental work of doom has finally gotten the wax treatment it deserved. "Alveus Terra" & "Ex Nihilo... Ad Nihilum..." have been specially re-recorded and reworked with Necropiss (T.a.o.S.) on vocals for this occasion, featuring refreshed artwork by Samuel Antonin, making this the definitive edition of this cryptic piece of art.


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Posted on June 1st, 2013

MHÖNOS "Humiliati"

MHÖNOS "HUMILIATI" will be released on Double Gatefold LP on May 28th.
We are now taking pre-orders.

Posted on May 9th, 2013